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Medical Tourism

Transmatics offers world-class, low-cost and reliable medical treatment overseas. We pass on the cost savings advantage we obtain as a result of working with highly skilled medical professionals in other countries, due to the lower overall cost structure there.

Medical tourism is cost effective medical services provided overseas in low-cost destinations and packaged with tourism services.

This allows a medical treatment to be combined with a vacation in exotic destinations. The whole package itself would be more cost effective than similar treatment in the US, as the cost of medical treatment is lot lower in these destinations.

We work with highly reputed medical facilities and provide a broad range of standard and specialized medical treatments. We also provide alternate medical services using naturopathy, ayurveda and rejuvenation and relaxation techniques through yoga.

For more information on Medical Tourism Services, please contact us at 91-989-319-3999 or email us at info@transmatics.com